Words from JIGSCUT

Greetings to all friends:
My name is Ling Yang, so far I have been designing and making steel rule cutting dies for 18 years, thanks to all those who have been working with me and sharing me with different ideas.

Same as everyone coming to my store, I am a craft lover, I am spending everyday on designing and matching colors. I created all patterns in my store, especially the hair bow cutting dies, each of them have been registered patent since 2018, please email me if you want to see the docs.

I have been working hard, and have been growing; And for sure that I have learned a lot from customers who came to me with nice ideas. Here let me say thanks to everyone!
And to all customers , please kindly respect original creations.

welcome all crafters to work together and to share new ideas, we can make custom cutting dies and promise to protect all your works.
And we are looking for resellers from all of the world, please do send me messages if you are intersted!